Volleyball Betting Strategy 95% Success Rate

Many players want their winning rate to be 95% and this is realistic. Because there is even a special strategy for live volleyball betting, called “95%”. Below, we at VIPPH will give you a detailed overview of the “95%” betting strategy in volleyball, guide you on how to use it properly and give examples so that you can better understand its nature and also win in volleyball betting.

The Essence of the Volleyball Betting Strategy “95% Overcoming Chance”

The Essence of the Volleyball Betting Strategy “95% Overcoming Chance”

The idea behind the 95% strategy is to bet on a team that wins the serve and continue betting on it until it happens. Of course, it is not enough to bet on the victory of one of the clubs in a tie: you also have to calculate the exact size of your bet so that it covers all losses and brings you a profit.

In essence, this strategy is nothing more than catching up, but its overcoming chance will be as high as possible, because in volleyball the serve factor is very important.

The serve factor in volleyball

In matches of this sport, in 95% of cases, the home team is the winner, that is, not the server. This is why you need to bet on the club that will receive the ball to win the point.

How to choose a match

How to choose a match

You need to choose matches from clubs or teams that easily score points on the opponent’s serve or, in technical terms, steal the ball. Such games include absolutely any men’s volleyball match, because in them, even with a big difference in class, teams are easily eliminated from the level.

In any case, we advise you not to use women’s volleyball to play with this tactic, and you should not play against youth teams either, because They often have long winning streaks in their serves.

Features of using the strategy

The bookmaker does not allow you to bet on a draw of the current or next point, only on false draws that occur a little later, after 2-3 points. If one of the opponents does not catch, then you risk betting on the victory of the serving team, and we do not need that.

To prevent this from happening, we recommend, if possible, watching the broadcast of the matches to understand how easily the teams act when the opponent’s serve. If the clubs play well, then we do not have to worry about betting on a match that will take place only one or two rounds later.

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Volleyball Betting Strategy Calculation Formula

Volleyball Betting Strategy Calculation Formula

The correct calculation of the bet amount is the key to a 95% winning strategy in volleyball. To understand how to calculate the required amount, first look at the coefficients in the screenshot above. As a rule, in volleyball matches of equal men’s teams, bookmakers give the winning odds to the stronger club in each particular draw slightly lower than the opponent’s. In this case, they are 1.7 and 2.0.

It will be more profitable for us to win the favorite, because… The odds for him are not much lower, but he will be knocked out of the opponent’s serve more often.

The formula for calculating the bet size is as follows:

C – bet amount;
X – the size of the potential winnings;
Y – the volume of lost money;
K – the result coefficient.

Let’s say you want to bet at odds of 1.8 and your first bet of $500 lost. Then you will need to do the following calculations: (400+ 500)/(1.8-1)=1125 $


We know well that this volleyball betting strategy. Will mainly be used by beginners who are familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of different teams. And will not study the statistics of their head-to-head matches. We encourage you to remember to watch live streams and apply the strategy only if both teams serve well.

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